Superdose Full Spectrum CBD Oil 20% (Cannabidiol 2000mg)

Highly concentrated and potent; this is our strongest CBD oil yet. The high-strength 20% full spectrum CBD oil is formulated based on increasing customer love and demand for more of Dr. Hemp Me CBD oils. And since its introduction to the market, it has inarguably remained one of the most notable, high-strength CBD oil in the EU. With its high-strength comes fast absorption, action and unbelievable potency; satisfying the needs of users beyond expectations. It covers all you can ask for.

The high CBD is most suitable for individuals who for one reason or another require a powerful dose of CBD oil for their personal needs, as well as for those whose body has gotten accustomed to the use of CBD.

Each 10mil = approx. 200 drops

CBD Strength: 2000mg (20%) = 10mg CBD in every drop



Cannabinoids: CBDa, CBD, CBDV, CBG, CBN, CBC, >0.20 THC

100% natural terpenoids

Hemp Oil Extract & Hemp seed oil (providing Omega 6 and Omega 3)


CBD Origin

Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD oil is specially formulated from full spectrum hemp extract. The whole hemp plant is grown organically in Ireland and the EU. By this, our customers are assured that their full spectrum oil is without traces of harmful chemicals from pesticides or other harmful chemical applications.

Clean and Safe Extraction

The whole plant is used during extraction to ensure that the full spectrum of cannabinoid contents is fully captured and blended alongside the naturally occurring terpenes to provide an entourage effect. For this to be successfully achieved, we adopt the use of supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction (SCFE) technique, which is attentively followed while processing the oil from the plant.

SCFE is a preferred method of extraction due to the versatility it offers during the extraction of specific contents, as well as the high level of purity that comes with the end product. Add that to the meticulous lab tests and the extra filtration which each product batch undergoes, and it’s easy to see why we are acknowledged as providers of one of the best CBD oils in Ireland and the EU.

Experience the Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil in Ireland

CBD The Entourage Effect

Why is the Entourage Effect significant?

The entourage effect is as a result of the cannabinoids which include, CBD, CBDV, CBDa, CBG, CBN, CBC, >0.20% THC.

The entourage effect refers to the phenomenon where a user can effortlessly gain the maximum absorption, efficiency, and potentials of hemp through the use of CBD oil.

This effect is possible as a result of the perfect blending the full spectrum of cannabinoids (CBD, CBDV, CBDa, CBG, CBN, CBC and >0.20% THC) with the terpenoids. Consequently, this creates a synergy that relays all the therapeutic benefits of hemp into the body system.

Additional Benefits from the Carrier Oil: Hemp Seed Oil

The hemp seed oil is exclusively extracted from hemp seeds. With hemp seed oil as the carrier oil, two things are achieved:

  • The quickened absorption of the CBD oil for fast action; and
  • Additional healing benefits resulting from the constituent fatty acids – Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Mild CBD Taste

Unlike what’s mostly obtainable from most CBD oil in the market, Dr. Hemp Me’s 20% full spectrum CBD oil has a very mild CBD taste. A feature most desired by a lot of CBD oil users. The mild taste is achieved by putting the oil through an additional filtration process that removes all grainy plant materials from the oil.

How to take Ireland’s premier CBD Oil?

To explore the full potential of your CBD oil, we recommend placing and holding a few drops of the oil under your tongue for 3-5 minutes before swallowing. As a new user, it is also best you start with a lower dose; this helps your body get accustomed to CBD without overloading the endocannabinoid system.

CBD Lab Tests

All our products are put through meticulous lab tests before being sold. Testing is done at Eirlab, an industry leader in Hemp & Cannabinoid testing in Ireland and Europe.

We ensure transparency with our customers by updating our lab test results each time a new batch is tested. This ensures that the customer knows exactly what they are buying.


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