My Journey With Anxiety.

Years ago, I suppose I was like anybody else, I suffered with anxiety up and down. 
But after my mother got diagnosed with brain cancer everything changed.
I was heart broken, terrified stressed and anxious all at once.
Like nothing I had ever felt before.
I had used the high strenght 5000mg CBD oil for severe back pain but I had never tried any for anxiety and depression.
If I was going to be selling these products I wanted to know exactly how they could help people.
I started off experimenting with our 10% Full Spectrum from our Irish Supplier Dr Hemp Me.
I documented how I was feeling until the end of the bottle. 
The 10% is an excellent oil for people who suffer with mild anxiety and is a great support to those who need aid with sleep.
I found that it definitely did take the edge off my anxiety but I felt I needed a higher dose for the severe anxiety and exhaustion that I was feeling.
I am a Yoga Teacher in Training and my body was starting to ache from the intense training so I needed that extra kick.
I scaled up to 20% From Dr Hemp Me and I immediately felt the difference.
I was more focused, happier and less depressed. It was a great support to me.
The build up of the 10% stood to me and I always say the build up is the most important part to give your oil a chance to soak into the correct receptors.
20% Full Spectrum 4/5 drops per day is definitely my sweet spot.
I would always recommend this oil to clients that feel they are at a severe level of Anxiety & Depression. 
Its a game changer and got my whole family through a very stressful time.
It keeps my anxiety and stress levels at bay while still providing nutrition and joint support.
I find I am overall happier when taking the 20% and I feel it really relaxes my central nervous system and supports my Yoga Journey.
I no longer need to take the high strenght 50% as the 20% is also great at keeping my back pain at bay.
CBD oil was not only necessary for my anxiety, I use it as nutritional supplement and it really helps my appatite too! 
That is my personal story and I am happy and proud to share it.
I hope it helps the next person on their journey too.