About Us

Hello, I’m Niamh. Welcome to CBDPainCo. My journey with CBD Oil started when I was traveling in Australia. I had a massive back injury that changed my life forever. I had manifested it through anxiety, stress, and worry. My rib cage had somehow managed to join to my pelvis and my body was very badly out of alignment. I had 2 herniated discs that caused severe back pain and sciatica. I sought out help everywhere I could, physio, acupuncture, chiro. My best relief came from massage. One day the pain became unbearable and I fainted at work. I was rushed to a hospital and told that my vertebrae were closing in on my discs and I needed to be airlifted to Adalaide for surgery.

Luckily the doctors in Adalaide took a look at my scans and decided it was not severe enough to operate.
They said hopefully the discs would spontaneously pop back in themselves. Spontaneous wasn’t very reassuring but I was happy with the outcome because at 27 I did not want to have surgery on my spine.
I was sent home from hospital with a massive bag of medication that made me drowsy and unable to function. A friend introduced me to a strong strength 5000mg CBD oil from the US and it really helped the pain.
I started taking it in the morning and in the evening and within a few days my body started to feel less tense and my constant overthinking and worrying was starting to ease off.
My overall mood lived because my pain was shifting and my body was relaxing. My body was in less spasm so I was able to start gentle Yoga again. This was huge for me!
I started this website to spread the message about how CBD Oil could help with pain but it has helped me with much more than I ever expected.
When my mother got diagnosed with Cancer in 2019 I became CBD & THC obsessed. Her illness also caused me a great deal of Anxiety and Depression because its the worst news anybody ever wants to hear! I flew home to Ireland to look after my Mother and CBD oil has helped me massively with Anxiety, Depression, Sleep, Appetite, Sleep and keeps my back pain at bay.
I now take a 20% Full Spectrum from our Irish Range and I find it’s my sweet spot. Everybody has theirs and I am so proud of everybody that I have helped on their journey to better health. Its been a wild ride and I am so thankful for the support locally and internationally.
Welcome to CBDPainCo & Enjoy the products.
Niamh x